the General Directorate of State Security arrested a terrorist network

The General Directorate of State Security – Section of Media, Orientation, and Public Relations issued the following statement:
Some media websites published news that the General Directorate of State Security arrested a terrorist network, with a video documenting the alleged arrest by an anonymous individual.
The General Directorate of State Security strongly stress that it is not concerned with news published on media platforms or by individuals or political characters. The Directorate issued a statement regarding the said operation, stating that it arrested a number of suspects for the possession of confidential military documents, weapons, military binoculars and a certain amount of money. The suspects confessed, during investigation, that the weapons were obtained from Sheikh (A.Kh.) whose house was raided upon a judicial order where weapons were seized. The investigation file was referred to the competent judiciary.
It is worth noting that all procedures taken by the Directorate on any level are based on the order of the Military Prosecution and Cassation Public Prosecution Department.
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